Beneath the Crust —post 4


It is finished! This was definitely a tough one to complete. It started out with about a year of restarts, a re-sketch, and moments of serious self doubt. Progress really picked up once I got started on this version in late July—so I'd say the project spanned just over two months to its completion at the end of September.

I was having a lot of trouble finding a method that worked for me. It was like picking a medium such as watercolor or paint, but instead I was trying to find the right "digital medium." After trying out several methods starting in Photoshop, I tested out a method that had been on my mind: Creating vectors in Illustrator and exporting them into Photoshop to have light and shadow painted on their flat plains with my beloved Burn & Dodge Tool. This worked out well and is probably much easier to work through than my previous methods. I can still see some unwanted vector side effects; Some of the edges don't look natural. In the slideshow below you can see the stages of its process.


Now What?

I have a couple new project ideas I've been thinking about while working on this. I've got a rough sketch for another digital painting, but I also want to try something new like starting with a landscape photo and painting something into the scene—I've already got the image picked out and an idea of what I'll do with it. I'm also looking into screen recording methods so I can create a speed-paint video and possibly do some commentary on top of that. We'll see. 

It's always a nervous time when trying to choose and start a new project. There's always a very rough start that has me questioning my own abilities. Once I get through that, confidence quickly builds as the project turns into a blissful joy ride. Then there is that final stage where you're somewhat tired of looking at the project but—at the same time—you have to stop working on it and force yourself to call it finished. I'm making it sound bad but going through the whole process is really rewarding. 

Beneath the Crust : finished. See you again soon with the start of the next one!