Independence Trail – East

4.2 miles there and back
50 foot elevation change

The Independence Trail is the country's first recognized wheelchair accessible wilderness trail! Much of the trail is lined with mine-car-esk trestles making for a very unique and easy hike.

I did this trail in late fall after a rain—it felt as if I was walking through a California themed rainforest with the blanket of moss and bright green ferns poking out of the rocks!

Reaching the river, I knew there was some sort of river tunnel but it seemed evident it was nowhere near. A few slippery rocks later, then—whoa! a giant and unnatural opening in the riverside. I climbed down to the front of the opening and sure enough it is a tunnel stretching ~900ft with light shining from the other end!

Afterwards, we checked out the very sleek highway 49 bridge and it's slightly ornemental predicesor standing just upstream.