Beneath the Crust —post 2


Everything in the foreground is complete! The entire time I'm always asking myself why I get so caught up in putting in so many details. I'd like to be going through these scenes faster but I enjoy and naturally move toward adding more details. They're so evenly spread out that it almost makes it harder to rest the eye on any one thing. So I've been trying to determine which details matter and which ones I can leave out in order to create some variety. Right now, I figure the brightest point of any surface should have most of the detail leaving the shadowed areas fairly plain. 

When starting out with the new method of making shapes in Illustrator and moving them to Photoshop, I was concerned that the sharpness of their edges would look odd against the softer surface details. I eventually found a simple solution: By evening out the values between two shapes next to each other, they blend together. A good example of this is the transition from the rocks to the cliffside.