A Family Tradition


Every year on Christmas Day we try to do a fun clay creation tradition. These are photos of them on a cookie tray before they turned black and blew up in the oven—just kidding! They turned out perfect. Leading up to this day, we save up empty cereal boxes and other things we can use as blinders to keep our works in progress secret. When everyone is finished, one by one, we pull away the blinders revealing what each person or team of less-creatively-inclined people have created.

My sister always makes the most impressively crafted items. She created the mushrooms and those amazing blackberries—yes, those are made of clay! In the upper left, my Dad made an assortment of game pieces while I similarly created a boardgame on the table we always use. By mixing two different browns, I was even able to give it a matching wood grain! …and by hogging essentially all the brown. My Mom made all the little characters including my favorite—the awesome orange guy who's delicately holding up one paw just how one of our cats does. And I can't forget to mention my brother-in-law who was the creative assistant for my sister and I—helping her by mixing colors and making endless little balls for the blackberries (my sister as time progressed: "I'm going to need about 10 of these"—"um, just make another 20"—"I need more, stop complaining") and for me—the white cubes as well as the player pieces for my boardgame table.