An Urban Hike #2


Walked to Coit Tower to do some exploring. This tower sits on top of a pretty good sized hill/mountain that is covered by the city. I climbed it from the steepest approach going up some old wooden paths which passed through houses covered in dense trees. It's cool to see exposed rock towering over buildings just a street away. The footpath is like a centeral avenue to the front doors of small rural looking houses—in fact, these paths actually have little street signs, this one was the Filbert Street Stairs. Each house is unique displaying beautiful gardens; Some even have rickety old wooden gates—the kind that are only waist high. It was all an unexpected and welcomed rural detour. A look behind and you'll see the bay bridge through the trees. The sun was going down and some of the main streets became strangely empty to the wandering photographer.

Filbert Street Stairs