Spotting a Phantom

"On this episode of Hiking With Berto…"

Ravine Falls

Used as the cover photo for my website for a while is Ravine Falls. This is on the way to the phantom and—I think—is just as cool as it. The area this one falls in is much more narrow shrouded in trees and vines creating dramatic lighting and a jungle feel.

Came across a Desert Horned Lizard—about the size of a walnut.

I was able to take some time to grab some friends and go to one of my favorite places: Phantom Falls in Oroville, CA.

This impressive waterfall is 164 feet (50 m) tall—so tall that you can stand in the spot it was just falling and not get wet because of how much a small breeze will make it sway back and forth. But it's only there for a short time—after a heavy rainstorm or in the right season—hence the name…otherwise you'll find a phantom trickle.

The large rock plateau of which the waterfall rolls off of was covered in wild flowers (this was in early April). Mainly these small yellow ones sprinkled with some taller blue ones and California Poppies in places. They covered everything—no way of avoiding stepping on them. Apparently it was Oroville's Wild Flower Day the day before and the trailhead was packed with hundreds of cars—I've never seen more than three in the trail's dusty little parking lot!