Acquire a Contrastive Skill


I’ve never been much of a talker; Observation is what I enjoy and I usually don’t feel the need to audibly divulge my findings. Writing them out however is much more pleasant because I have all the time I need to choose the right words, structure each sentence, and shape the delivery of what it is I’m trying to say. 

This is my personality and—in the context of my personality—this is what I enjoy most. I would however like to be able to join in on or even one day carry conversations. Now here is the big realization: A person can improve a skill that is not in their personality’s strong suit. We can fall into the idea that we can only be good at what our personality or talents set us up for…I’m proposing that is false. 

What if we could attain a skill because we want it rather than being naturally accustomed to it? So many people say, “I’m no good at learning another language” —that’s more of a declaration to not try rather than it being the truth. If however we adopt a positive mindset or great enough need to learn a skill, then it can be attained. 

My personal goal is to become more of a talker in general. The fact that I’m in a place where few people speak English won’t help—but I’m not willing to allow that to become an excuse to stagnate with this skill. What do you want to improve? What skill have you only wished you had but never pursued? Set your mind to it! Make it happen!