How to Expect More From Yourself


It’s amazing to let go of self expectations and just pursue whatever you love. Watch as the anxiety, constant self judgement, and the limitations of shyness simply crumble away; Left standing are the opportunities to make friends, share experiences, and just love people.

Yesterday while showcasing my photography at an art show for the first time, I was making friends with visitors and the other artists, telling stories, recommending destinations, chatting it up with the event photographer, dancing, and selling a lot of prints to some happy people. I was expecting to timidly stand next to my booth watching people quietly browse my work as they try not to make eye contact with me—all while filling the time by overanalyzing how I might be coming across to them. None of that happened! Each person seemed to light up with excitement in their own way and instantly connect through my work. People were even lining up to ask questions and I was inexplicably free from the fear of having to perform well but to rather just be me.

So I’ve learned not to base expectations on who you’ve seen yourself to be—that’s in the past after all—but to ignore those expectations all together and just be in the current moment looking outward for the opportunities to do what matters to you. Do you have self expectations that are limited by the personal judgments you may be holding against yourself? I encourage you to take the time to recognize them and toss ‘em out—both the expectations and the negative judgments they came from. Instead, always be expecting to surprise yourself—and you will!