Hushabye Mountain

This illustration is based on the song Hushabye Mountain, a lullabye about letting boats sail your worries away as you rest upon a nearby mountain. I'm always coming up with environments when listening to music whether it includes lyrics or not; This is the first time I've illustrated one of those ideas—very fun! This song in particular is very specific in painting a scene for the listener; It describes a soft breeze filling the sails of boats that wait by the quay—and says to watch your boat "sail far away from Lullaby Bay." So…I took those visual cues and put them into a composition trying to stay true to those details and the mood.

There were a few happy accidents in achieving the somber atmosphere I wanted. You would not believe how satisfying it was to make the town's roof tops poke out of the fog! I was going for a quiet harbor town like something you'd find in Britain or Ireland. Those breezy cobblestone towns would seem to be the easiest places to get away from it all. 

P.S. —I know this song from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang—a family favorite from growing up.