Moving Into Something New


Having great excitement when moving into something new—could be a career change, a blooming relationship, or anything we want to invest ourselves into long-term—does not mean it will last as long as we hope it would. I’m just now finding that that is ok…and natural. When we do our best to follow our heart, it’s normal for that calling to change direction as often as we are changed by what we do. I have gone after this person or that job path…making each one out as the solution to the thing I’m looking for in life. Either those things didn’t work out or my desires changed, but each of what were once my primary passion have showed me something new about myself. Based off of what I now know, I have great excitement in moving toward something new—and so the pattern continues. 

Personal Note:

My joy in photography however has only grown over the many years I’ve been practicing the art-form. This is a sunrise on the Sierra Buttes reflecting down onto Sardine Lake—about 40 miles Northwest of Lake Tahoe, California.