Remove Yourself from Anxiety’s Control


There is one thing that—if we take the time to allow it—can overcome the wildest circumstances granting freedom from anxieties and the restlessness of our minds. It can be accessed at any time and at any place. Can you guess what I’m about to say ‘it’ is? You may find the answer to be disappointing due to its fragile nature…it’s Peace. Do you find peace to be readily available? What keeps us from peace? Stress-filled circumstances, a restless mind, worrisome fears, racing anxiety…these things are not what keep us from peace—they are merely the result of living without it. In my experience, the only reason I often do not have peace within myself is simply because I forget it’s always there for the taking…which has led me to this realization:

Peace is intentional

It is not a default state I fall into when relaxing or have nothing that needs doing; Peace is something that must be achieved. How?—through faith, meditation, or by focusing on the current moment and nothing else. Be still in this moment and pay attention to how the breeze flows by you or the way natural light fills the space you’re in. I invite you to give yourself a moment in peace.