Seize the Opportunity

We all have many branching opportunities for our futures. The choices we make from those opportunities are limited by fears, level of confidence, or an all out state of indecision. All of which are internal attributes subject to our will if we choose to work at them. That is in no way easy, but the wellbeing of ourselves and the people around us is affected by the branch we choose to take. 

Opportunity can strike fast…sometimes even disrupting the plans we’ve made. Opportunity is not concerned with being convenient or “on time.” Greater forces set these things in motion—It’s our job to recognize them as opportunities and to accommodate the necessary actions in order to ‘seize the opportunity’ as they say. The definition of seize is to take hold of suddenly and forcibly; Meaning an aggressive approach reaps the greatest reward. 

As stated before, sometimes opportunities can get in the way of our plans offering a different branching path; It’s important to take some time to weigh its illusive value to the known value in continuing our own plan. However, choosing between several opportunities—each with their own uncertain futures—makes for a challenging decision. The worst decision is indecision—something I’ve suffered with for far too long. 

What opportunities are you presented with? Which one or ones do you need to seize? I hope you put in the time to answer these questions and find the bravery to be willing to let go of the others.