The Clone 7 Incident


I had a lot of fun with this one! A little bored of drawing figures with a flat background, I asked my professor if I could create a story out of the figure's surroundings; Seeing how my major is Visual Development, he said "Yeah, go crazy with it!" The first step however was to get a reference photo—and I was happy to hear that it didn't have to be nude. Knowing who would make a good action hero, I hired this model for an hour photoshoot with a list of poses in mind; I described a scene for a few of the poses so he'd know what he's acting out (This model is particularly good at creating a lot of expression with his hands as you can see above on the left). I got every pose from the brooding anti-hero smoking a cigarette as he sulks in his chair to some mischievous Gollum poses—and plenty of action shots with a spear, bow & arrow, and my ruler acting as a sword prop. The trick was to come up with poses that made sense for for a half naked man. Some were taken for possible future drawings with the intention of superimposing clothing.


So once I had chosen a pose, I was faced with a challenge: In what scenario would a man be in a fighting stance…in his underwear? The test tube clone was what quickly made the most sense. Once I established the scene, I was luckily able to do another photoshoot with the same model for the other clones subconsciously floating in their tanks—the challenge here was to get the correct perspective of slightly looking upward. For the two guards in the foreground, I took pictures of myself in a mirror by posing with my trusty ruler prop and awkwardly taking photos from my hip to match the waist height perspective. All of this was sort of hastily done seeing how I was only being graded on the main figure.  

Taking reference photos for the two taser baton guards.

Taking reference photos for the two taser baton guards.

Final projects of the class.


This is the class lineup of the final pieces. I had shared my batch of photos with a couple peers; One just happened to choose the same photo as me. The three on the table are very impressive—I wish they could have gotten there's on the wall.