The Golden Gate

Made a trip out to the famous gateway of the bay. Went with a group of college friends from all over the world—New Jersey, Greece, Taiwan, Thailand, and two from Russia—making me (a guy from the small town of Newcastle California) the local American. With all of us now living in this one city, meeting up was an easy walking distance. Getting to the bridge was a short drive. Being the "resident tourists," we took a lot of photos—this one was illustrated by the talented Val Zaslavskaya.


Not interested in walking across the bridge again, my roommate and I broke off from the group to explore the old fort standing below. I had been to Fort Point a few times before but I had no idea it is freely open to the public! This place is so cool—a step into the past kind of cool! The best part of this fort is that it's left untouched and free to explore—very little museum-esk additions crowding the rooms and structure. We explored the fort's living quarters, cannon rooms, and cool spiral staircases—shooting up the place with our cameras. This fort built for battle looks a little strange now sitting under the bridge, but it's cool to think they put in that arch in order to preserve the building. Considering all the social things San Francisco represents today, it's cool to visit the city's grounded tough side from the past. This is a cool city that I'm happy to call home. 

It's amazing to see the giant tankers loaded with their colorful shipping containers as they slowly make there way into the bay. It's cool to think of the places they've been before finally arriving here; The thought kind of turns this city into a humble little spot situated on the edge of the vast ocean.  

We regrouped with the others back at the top and made our way through the old battery sites to Baker Beach. Had fun hanging out while the sun made it's way down for some awesome photos. Went back to the tall buildings and grabbed some pizza together. Twas a good day!