The Hidden Call for Respect


This rock standing tall on its own is just one of the many others scattered throughout this bay in Southern Thailand. It’s called Khao-Phing Kan…but its popular name is James Bond Island because a scene was once shot at this location.

Much of its beauty and cause for fascination is due to its fragility. It looks as if it shouldn’t be there yet it continues to stand on its own. Throughout all of the rough seas and stormy skies of the past—it still stands today.

I feel this is a good representation of each person’s will; Their strength to persist—that stubborn side that refuses to give up. Each person gets pushed around and is faced with hardships in life at one time or another; At the core of who they are is a rock like this one that defies the odds and stands tall for others to see. Although, when you look into a crowd of strangers, you can’t see any of their “rocks”—we don’t know their stories, what they’ve been through, or even what they’re currently battling.

Having reached the end of a trail in which the only way there was up a particularly difficult cliff path, I congratulated everyone I came across for making it to the viewpoint. I knew what they went through to be standing up there and expressed praise for our common achievement. We don’t readily see the beauty of that rock still standing in another’s character because we ultimately don’t share the same personal history. Therefore, ever increasing with age, there is a certain level of respect that should be freely given to each and every person.