The Unexpected Life


We can gracefully flow into what is next for us or behave in any number of ways which turn it into a painful and crushing experience. We can cling to our own understanding of what’s best for us and let that consume our every thought of where we are now…but here’s the thing: we ultimately don’t have a clue what is best for us. We can’t see past all the unexpected twists and turns our path may take and where those will take us. If, in the end, we got what we wanted—what we expected to have—then we would be living within the limits of our own imagination rather than the vast possibilities of what the world can offer.

The uncontrollable nature of life creates much of the beauty in people’s lives. Meeting a very special someone when you weren’t even searching. Discovering an amazing opportunity when you were taken out of your routine. Doing something amazing over the weekend after your initial plans fell under.

What was the last thing that happened to you which changed your plans for the better?