Where Change Begins

On a ship headed for a distant island, I looked out toward the horizon…the sun beginning to set over the several islands with their various shades of blue…and was taken by a sense of comforting isolation. Out here with no one from back home to make it feel real, I focused on the sense of being there standing at the front of the ship.

It is surprising how difficult it can be to realize where you’re standing. We often get caught up in worrying about countless aspects of the future or observations of the past, but the present is a tough one to stay in. The present is what we get the most out of—it’s where change begins.

Never let yourself be living in or for a different time. Don’t let regrets keep you from moving on and don’t tell yourself things will get rolling only once you’ve finished with what you’re doing now; You’ll find yourself thinking the same thoughts once you’ve moved into that next thing.

Yes, remember the past and plan for the future, but make an effort each day to live in the now. With the extraordinary circumstances of where I am now, I try to continually remind myself of the extraordinary importance of living in the present. Whatever you do today is what shapes both your past and future.