Your Expectations are Waiting on You

What are you chasing after in life? I can’t pinpoint an exact answer to that question myself, but—maybe like you—I have an idea of what it is. I know I’m following my heart toward something…and that something is somewhere in front of me but I can’t name the specifics, the details of how I’ll get there, or what might change. Nonetheless, I know I’m moving toward something big and I’m excited. 

Have you ever felt this way? Congratulations, you are a person who has something called ‘Hope’. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Some believe to have hope is foolish or even dangerous. Many of us have had hope that turned sour leaving a scar on our optimism. Nevertheless, I believe hope is a valuable commodity that should be given time and effort to grow. Hope that business will flourish. Hope to fall in love. Hope for something greater. Hope changes a person at their very core. It is the driving force behind every passion and every endeavor. It is what brings joy to wherever we see ourselves going. 

Hope may sit quietly in the back of our mind, but that doesn’t mean it should remain on the sidelines of daily life. As I said, hope should be given time and effort. Time to ponder and effort to make it happen. What are you doing to actualize your hopes? I’m asking myself this question too…looking back at the times where all I did with hope is hold onto that feeling of expectation and the desire for that certain thing to happen. What I’m saying is we can’t just hold onto hope…for our hopes. Some hopes require patience while others are actually waiting on us. When we take action to live them out, those hopes grow stronger.