ReThink Sacramento

In this project, our team was tasked to create a health magazine geared to promote a health conscious community providing tips and environmental news directed toward a Sacramento audience. Each of these article spreads are of my design.

The five pillars of the magazine:
· Environment
· Food
· Activity
· Mind & Body
· Community

Brand Identity


Pacific 120

With a team of four, we created an outdoor recreation brand centered around five character traits—Active, Caring, Determined, Trendy, and Daring—used to shape its goals and identity. 

Our team conducted research and a survey to find how to position the brand to reach its unique audience. From there, we established its mission, strategy, crafted the customer experience, the style guide’s many rules, and several of the store’s products.  

Event Campaign

Nammour Symposium

Presenting a series of philosophy seminars, this body of work organizes a system of clarity and direction for a two day event. The visual style combines the structure of technology with the movement of community. I learned how to subtly guide the viewer through the composition using contrasts in shape, scale, and value.


Pacific 120

Pacific 120 is an outdoor recreation brand located along the 120th longitudinal axis.

Socks from the Heart

A non-profit charity aimed to provide socks for the needy. The logo presents three images—a sock, a receiving hand, and a heart—to tell the story of their mission.

Splash Mine Rediscover

Concept for a gold rush themed waterpark catered to young families.


Golfland Sunsplash

These flyers were designed for the Roseville waterpark of the Golfland Entertainment Centers. 

Taking a look at their old flyers, I organized their many options in packaged offers and add-ons as well as create cards for complimentary activities. 

Based on each flyer’s content, I designed them with two different audiences in mind. The flyers with minimum group sizes of up to 2500 people were given a consistent color scheme knowing that business executives and organization leaders would be viewing them. For parents and their kids, I gave the flyers with smaller packages a more playful color scheme.



The XX is a indie pop band known for their soft melodies. This gig poster visualizes their moody tones while expressing themes of isolation, hope, and the love language of touch.


In this gig poster, my goal was to capture the 1950s Santa Monica skateboard scene to represent The Black Key's unique energetic style of Rock.

Showcase of the history, design and use of the typeface Univers. With the theme of outer space I created a grid, then broke its pieces apart to make the drifting content look as if it is being pushed away by the comet.

Directed toward young kids, the event takes you on a diesel train ride through historic Old Town Sacramento. The curves and colors express a rhythm of playful movement.

Tyco is an ambient music project combining vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies. This gig poster combines their soft tones with the sense of structure in their electro side.

Event Postcard Reminders

Peter and the Starcatcher

Telling the origin story of Peter Pan, Peter and the Starcatcher is a play filled with pirates and mysteries of the magical lands that await. My goal was to show both danger and a sense of wonder. 

I played with scraps of paper and ripped up plastic bags to create forms which held the mood I wanted. 

Book Cover

The Count of Monte Cristo

I studied the driving themes of this pain-filled story. With themes such as revenge, perseverance, transformation, and manipulation I began to define the visual tone. The layering of written letters, maps and architectural layouts give a sense of the multiplicity of the story’s methodical planning. In designing the book’s interior, I gave it tall lower margins and wide outer margins to give it more of a Renaissance style.

Playing Cards


One of my favorite projects, Deadshot is a full set of spaghetti western themed playing cards. I had set out to capture the stories and settings of the many western movies I grew up watching. It was an interesting challenge to create multiple systems intertwined between the face cards, number cards, and their suits in order to create a cohesive deck. 

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