Capturing Beauty

See the adventurous and hidden real beauty there is to be found in the world. I developed a passion for exploring the outdoors at an early age and have been searching out those special moments ever since before I even had a camera in my hands. These days I’m equipped with a Nikon D750 to share my discoveries with all of you!


that Visually Inviting Look

From menus, flyers, posters, and much more—I provide Graphic Design services that’ll make your business stand out! Good design draws the viewer in and quickly guides them to the information they need. I can work with you in developing and actualizing your personal vision.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from California State University Sacramento’s thorough program covering both print and web design.


Fun Travel videos

I started filming my adventures in April 2018 and fell in love with this creative medium. Join me in climbing mountains, crossing valleys, discovering waterfalls, encountering cultures, and experiencing new things! Everything is filmed with my little Sony camera I modified to meet the needs of my adventuring antics.

Check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more adventure videos! Everything is shot with my little Sony camera I modified for my adventuring antics.


Digital & Traditional Artwork

Inspired by the places I travel and the never ending desire to craft compelling compositions—much like my photography—I enjoy creating landscapes and all the little items that make up the world. I design them with a sense of history and soak that in a deep sense of mood.

I received a Master’s Degree in Visual Development from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. There I studied human anatomy, portraiture, and color theory through traditional means of charcoal and oil as well as digital painting studying professional concept pipelines, how to control mood, designing purpose driven composition, leveraging visual elements of story, and practicing proven techniques with the latest software.


My Tools of Mass Creation




The Academy of Art University

Master of Arts Degree in Visual Development
Graduated 2018

California State Univ. Sacramento

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
Graduated 2016


How can I help your business grow?

Inspire them with location, product, or portrait photography.

Create a strong presentation with purpose and identity driven design.

Show what you’re all about with a tailor made video.

Develop compelling visual concepts that meet your project’s needs.

Market to an engaged audience through social media.

Guide your readers with thoughtful writing.