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Hello and welcome! Adventures are here to be shared! My travel videos are fun and sometimes just plain goofy. There is so much to see, hear, and experience that photographs alone can’t tell with their “1000 words.” I started filming my adventures in Summer 2018 and have found there is a lot of creative joy in crafting the edit to the motions of the music.


Discover Iceland

In this 'Discover Iceland' series, you'll experience the trip driving all the way around Iceland and then some! Come adventure with me as I figure out this thing called travel and try to get use to being in front of a camera. Join me in exploring all the waterfalls, mountains, and sheep covered valleys of this beautiful landscape one day at a time.


Day One: Island Arrival & The Mountain

In today's video, we'll make the journey to Iceland, visit Thingvellir National Park on the golden circle, and go climb a mountain!

Day Two: Desert Oasis & The Waterfall

In Day Two, we'll beat the crowds to some major attractions of Iceland's Golden Circle including the renowned Strokkur with regular eruptions and the epic Gullfoss. Doing a lot of driving, we'll also visit a isolated desert oasis Gjáin and several other beautiful waterfalls including Hjalparfoss, Þjófafoss, and Seljalandsfoss. (Helpful hint: foss = waterfall)

Day Three: Discovery of Giants

In Day Three, we leave the Golden Circle and get into the really good stuff traveling across the Southern side of Iceland. Explore an old plane wreck in Sólheimasandur, check out the views from Dyrhólaey Lighthouse, relax at Reynisfjara Beach, take the scenic Green Lava walk, peer down into the amazing Thor’s Canyon, and…lets not forget all the waterfalls!

Day Four: The Choice & The Never Ending Sunset

Day Four starts off at the beautiful Glacier Lagoon where we see some really big ice cubes! Visit the famous Stokksnes Mountain Range. We’re taking some deep tunnels into the really isolated parts of Iceland. —and exploring the mountainous area that is Southeast Iceland under a never ending sunset!

More to come…


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